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Mouth Soaping
Wed Jan 23, 2013 06:24

Thank you so much for understanding! I did the mouth soaping like you instructed. I never knew soap could taste so bad... and 5 minutes turned out to be a very long time. I didn't have any mouthwash so I just rinsed my mouth with water 3 times after those long and hard 5 minutes. I wanted to rinse more but I resisted myself. I did feel the burn & awful taste of the soap for a while after, it finally has gone away (I think there was some stuck in between of my teeth and was just hiding there). I tried eating something like 30 mins after and the taste of the soap that was still there mixed in with the food and it was so gross.

I don't wish to add any more to what I already have coming so I've been holding my tongue... if another incident does arise though, I will inform you. As much as I won't want to, I promise to be honest.

  • I UnderstandAlex 32, Tue Jan 22 23:47
    Hey Julianne- I do understand your constraints and you having to carry out some parts of your punishment when you parents are not at home. I would suggest you do the mouth soaping now because this is ... more
    • Mouth Soaping — Julianne, Wed Jan 23 06:24
      • Honesty is best policyAlex 32, Wed Jan 23 22:55
        Julianne- I am very pleased you did the entire 5 minutes, not many of these naughty ladies can stand the soap for the entire 5 minutes. And yes the soap does get stuck in your teeth and that is part... more
        • Oh noJulianne, Wed Jan 23 22:58
          Oh gosh swearing? Alex, I do swear quite a bit. not intentionally but it does slip at least once everyday. Would you like me to keep track of when this happens...?
          • Depends...Alex 32, Wed Jan 23 23:13
            Julianne- I will only punish you if you feel your swearing is something which is causing you trouble in your life. I hope you do not swear at your teachers or your parents. This is something I used... more
            • Slept on itJulianne, Thu Jan 24 06:39
              Hi Alex, I read your message late last night so I decided to sleep on it and think about what you told me before making a decision. I have concluded that this cussing is something I do want to get... more
              • Punishment ComingAlex 32, Fri Jan 25 17:21
                Julianne- I am working on a punishment for you. I will post something soon, I have to deal with a couple other brats at the moment and I will get back with you. Alex
                • OkJulianne, Fri Jan 25 18:06
                  Of course, take your time. Julianne
                  • Punishment CompleteJulianne, Sat Jan 26 09:30
                    Hi Alex, I'm here to tell you that I have finally completed the punishment... It hurt a lot, especially the wooden spoon with the washcloth. It left a really distinct sting and I was shaking by the... more
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