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age regression spanking
Mon Feb 18, 2013 22:54

Renee hello and thank you for responding. The subject came about as my daughter is friends with this spankers daughter. I had a chance to meet up with her through our daughters and struck up a conversation. it turned to childhood and discipline and the subject of spanking came about.I mentioned to her (anne) that i said more people could have used spankings in their lives, even adults today. She smiled and said "does that mean you too celest?" i don't think i ever blushed so hard in my life and had no way out now. A stupid answer would never work so i said yes. She smiled and wediscussed all the reasons for age regression and why i felt i needed it. She,, in the end agreed with me totally and said why not comeover for dinner on tuesday and we can discuss it further. I agreed and all the way home my stomach was fluttering sensing i was in for more than dinner. I WAS.
As i mentioned after dinner we had a nice long talk and she took over the role of mom in her words and descriptions and i felt the age regression begin immediately. the result was a very sorry girl over her knee bawling like i wanted to and with a very very red fanny. Corner time followed and then another coffee and nice talk
We have made plans to meet again and i feel this will be an on going thing now and i certainly hope so
She seems to understand the finer points of spankings and how it is not just the art of slapping ones bottom. There is a total psychological side to it and it works for me

  • Welcome again CelesteRenee(brat), Mon Feb 18 09:23
    Im so glad you have found someone to do this for you. That is very hard to do. I am 48 and I think more like a young 20 yr old and sometimes this gets me into trouble. No offense all you 20ish... more
    • age regression spanking — celest_adams, Mon Feb 18 22:54
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