I had no idea adult girls are spanked
Fri Jul 4, 2014 00:46

Hi, like other women I stumbled by accident onto this site. I'm a 28 year old married lawyer. But when I was 19, I was in the middle of my law degree. A boy-friend I was dating at the time dared me to run topless through a lecture. I did and it caused quite a stir as I'm a 36D. Well I was promptly suspended from university.

When I got home, mum was livid. That how could I have ruined my life. The sacrifices she'd made to send me to university. I told her it was no problem. That I'd just get a job. I'd been doing some "glamour modelling". She almost exploded with fury. Suddenly I found myself across her knee being spanked like I was 10 years old. My short denim skirt giving me little or no protection. Despite my struggles and protests I couldn't break free or get her to stop. My swearing certainly didn't help. As next minute she'd yanked my black knickers down and was spanking my bare bottom. I was crying and apologising and calling her mummy which I'd not done since I was at school. When she felt I'd learned my lesson, she let me go and I ran sobbing to my room.

But this was the worst part. She grounded me until I agreed to send a grovelling apology to the university and was accepted back. Imagine how humiliating it was at 19 to tell my boyfriend I'd been grounded. I never told him about the spanking.

  • I had no idea adult girls were still spankedMaryKay Satterlie , Wed Jan 16 17:45
    Hi, I just stumbled onto this site and was shocked to see so many adult girls are spanked. I am 21 and still spanked by my mother. Mommy never believed in spanking children and I didnt get my first... more
    • My spankinganna.kov, Sun Nov 11 18:50
      I am 22 years old girl, still spanked at home. I am usually spanked by my mom. For the spanking I have to take off my panties, in order to be spanked bare bottomed. i am not so embarrassed when I am... more
    • I had no idea adult girls are spanked — sammy.scottuk, Fri Jul 4 00:46
    • Big girls are naughty tooAlex 32, Thu Jan 17 23:52
      MaryKay- Thank you for sharing your story with us here, and yes big girls do get spanked here when they are naughty or when they act like spoiled rotten brats like some of the ladies do on here from... more
      • ovre moms kneecelest_adams, Sat Jan 19 04:03
        i was spanked till iwas 21 and moved into my college dorm. mon figured her house her rules . i am now spanked by husband over his knee till blubbering. and i realize now it is a part of my life... more
        • OTK Stepmom knee and Hubbys kneeAlex 32, Sat Jan 19 23:20
          Celest- While I only see my stepmom Victoria a few times a year, I rarely can get away without finding myself drapped across her strong firm lap being punished for something or other. Victoria... more
          • Re: OTK Stepmom knee and Hubbys kneeMaryKay Satterlie , Sun Jan 20 14:17
            It's really nice to know I'm not the only adult girl still spanked. My mom is exactly the same as your stepmom Alex 32, as long as I'm her daughter and I misbehave I'll be spanked. I've always been... more
            • Dreaded CaneAlex 32, Sun Jan 20 21:55
              Hey MaryKay- I have just recently been introduced to the dreaded cane and I hate it with a passion. I swear I will one day splash some gasoline on it and light a match and then laugh as it goes up in ... more
              • Under used caneregulation, Sat Mar 26 02:02
                If you have an extra need for the cane send got application form
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