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Mon Aug 7, 2017 03:04

Hello ladies.
I have been self-spanking since I was 15. Now, at 24, and living with a spanking partner, I still have the urge to discipline myself.
In my teens and still living at home, I had to satisfy, discipline and motivate myself the only way I knew how. Self-spanking was instrumental in setting, motivating and accomplishing my goals as well relieving guilt, depression and possibly some anxieties. Self-spanking can add a whole new realm to your pleasure! Masterbating with a sore bottom adds spice to any fantasy. I will structure your spanking, safely and sanely, providing online assignments and directions to stimulate your emotions.
Message me if you have special desires or needs. Kat

    • Yes Pleaserosiesempers, Wed Aug 9 09:48
      I am interested in a mentor would you be willing to help me? Please email me at
      • Mentorkathrinebenito, Wed Aug 9 14:10
        Hello Rosie. To begin, it is important that you know I am married and must maintain a high level of descreption. I hope I can provide you with councel, sound advise, encouragement and discipline.... more
        • Re: Mentorrosiesempers, Wed Aug 9 14:16
          I would prefer not to take my punishments on this public site? I would prefer to talk through email please.
          • Privacykathrinebenito, Wed Aug 9 14:55
            Rosie, email is implied. I would never post anything private on the site. My email is:
            • email?rosiesempers, Wed Aug 9 15:14
              will it matter if i capitalize the K or not because I sent you an email a long time ago and you still haven't answered and I was wondering if it was because you didn't get it?
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