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My Introduction
Mon Nov 20, 2017 11:58

I’m supposed to be doing my studies, but I have to think this through while my mind is focused. My sister picked me up at the police station this morning. I was charged with OWI. But, I don’t see how. The car was in park and the engine was off. Yes, the keys were in the ignition but I asked if I was sober enough to get the keys in the ignition and realize I shouldn’t drive, how could I be charged with intoxication. Unfortunately, neither the desk sergeant nor my sister bought it.
After arranging for my car to be towed out of impound to my apartment (she kept the keys) and handing my driver’s license over to the court, my sister hauled me home in a very quiet car ride. She took me up the three flights of stairs, unlocked my door with my confiscated keyring, and just pointed at my dad’s wing back chair.
I kept the chair because it was his, but I never thought it would be used again. I tried to plead, but she just said, “Now.”
I stepped up on the little foot stool we keep behind the chair and reached over to hold onto the arms. Even though I’m not short, this maneuver brought my feet off the stool. I probably could have kept the tears at bay if she hadn’t reached under me to undo my jeans.
“Please Cissy, please, not on my bare bottom, please?”
“Little girl, if you aren’t grown up enough to know not to get behind the wheel of a car after you have been drinking, you aren’t not too old to get your fanny blistered.”
Then I heard her belt pulling through the loops of her own jeans. That’s when I felt the first whimper escape my lips. “Please, I won’t ever do it again. Please I’ll never drink again. Please no, please, I promise. Please not the belt.”
“By the time you can sit down again, big sister, you won’t ever forget this lesson.”
I felt her hand on the small of my back, gripping my waist and heard the whistle of a folded over leather belt moments before I realized the searing snap across my backside. I gasped but before I could catch my next breath, its twin branded my cheeks just below the first. I tried to get enough control to plead my case again when she began to scold me in rhythm with the spanks.
Her lecture was more scathing than the blistering. I felt smaller and younger with each blow. I don’t know when the tears reduced to bawls but I was barely able to squeak out the appropriate yes ma’ams and I understands between hiccupping sobs. She stood to the side, so my kicking legs were only hobbled by my jeans and panties mid-thigh.
When I realized her voice was softened to shushes, and promises that it was over, I got just a little kiss on each teary cheek before I was sent off to the corner.
My 18-year old sister left me bare bottomed in the corner for 27 minutes, while she arranged with my landlord to add her name to my lease. Her dorm room has at least four names on the waiting list, so there will be no problem giving that up. Besides, we are both attending the same university. She was able to finish her first two years in AP coursework and I got my GED while we waited to hear about her scholarship. So living together again was always the plan after she turned 18. But, based on the rules laid down before she went back to pack her things, I don’t think it will be exactly how I imagined.
I got a short nap before I was to finish my studies for the day. Then I was to spend at least an hour on the lines in my composition book, “Drinking and Driving is the ultimate act of selfishness.” Dinner was to be ready by five. Then I would be bathed and in bed by 8:00 PM.
I miss Mom and Dad, but I know I got the exact same treatment I would have if they had been alive to take my call early this morning.

    • spankingsofia laguna, Mon Nov 20 22:04
      Hi My name is Miss Sofia I'm a strict disciplinarian ,if you need a daily spanking from your actions and from what I have read you need a good bare butt spanking contact me at ... more
      • Not Neededbarbs35, Mon Nov 20 22:52
        I think her sister will be giving her all the spankings she needs and deserves. Real life spankings are much more effective than online discipline Miss Barbara
        • Re: Not Neededsofia laguna, Tue Nov 21 04:02
          perhaps you are right but a self spanking that you do as your disciplinarian tells you to do it it can be as the real one but i do not disagree with you Miss Sofia
          • Miss Barbara and Miss Sofia;MarieClaire, Sun Dec 31 14:33
            I'm sorry for listening in on your discussion. But, I wanted to thank you for your kindness. I'll admit I was reading silently to try and understand my own feelings. I was comforted to see other... more
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