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Sat Dec 30, 2017 10:37

I suggest you email me at and we shall discuss your needs
Miss Barbara.

  • I Need SpankingGracief, Sat Dec 30 07:43
    I would like to ask somebody to spank me, or virtually spank me. I will call the shots on when, you call the shots on how. I have a broken plastic hanger that functions like a cane, a wire hanger... more
    • mentorsofia laguna, Sat Dec 30 22:34
      I would be gald to help you dear email me at , with all the info and all the implements and get started right away Miss Sofia
    • Gracie Fsarahjbarns, Sat Dec 30 22:32
      Gracie Email please and tell me all about and why you deserve spankings. Sarah
    • Punishment — barbs35, Sat Dec 30 10:37
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