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Miss Barbara and Miss Sofia;
Sun Dec 31, 2017 14:33

I'm sorry for listening in on your discussion. But, I wanted to thank you for your kindness.
I'll admit I was reading silently to try and understand my own feelings. I was comforted to see other adult women felt the need to be accountable to a strong maternal figure. So, I guess peeking in on your conversation about me could be excused, at least I hope.
I would have made my apologies earlier but my sister has my schedule regulated tightly. I don't have much time for the computer except for schoolwork. But, I got permission to come to the library and I was able to check in with you here.

Thank you again,
Marie Claire

  • Re: Not Neededsofia laguna, Tue Nov 21 04:02
    perhaps you are right but a self spanking that you do as your disciplinarian tells you to do it it can be as the real one but i do not disagree with you Miss Sofia
    • Miss Barbara and Miss Sofia; — MarieClaire, Sun Dec 31 14:33
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