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daughter being caught with boys
Sat Feb 10, 2018 05:30

Our pastor has instructed my husband that when this happens, it is a failure in mothering and both mother and 13yo daughter are in need of panties-down, bras-up, open-legs spanking with a ruler while my husband observes, sometimes with other church members present.

Pastor is in charge of the bottoms, and usually has another church lady handle our chests and between the legs.

They say to give at least 5 on the lips, then the same with lips open, on the "button", the number depending on the severity of the infraction, after which at least 10 to my bare titties while daughter witnesses. Pastor will often advise nipple stings as well, depending on how big and hard they get.

After this, the pastor and one of the older church ladies will take me, husband and daughter aside to consult on after-care of the spanked bits. Underwear is again allowed after the spankings, but outer clothes are not returned until the after spank time is finished, which can sometimes take quite awhile. We sometimes have to wait to get bras back.

I would like to chat,

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