Wed Mar 21, 2018 13:36

This is a f/f forum dealing with f/f spanking not talking about a sad man's genitals and underwear. You are obviously a perverted male

  • Embarassing my husbandBBW Betty, Wed Mar 21 05:06
    I would like for my husband to have to answer and post an interview dealing with his discipline, and his self-abuse habits. I would also like questions about the size of his genitals, and his... more
    • Pathetic — barbs35, Wed Mar 21 13:36
      • Embarassing my husbandBBW Betty, Thu Mar 22 04:27
        No, my husband is the perv, that's why I want to embarrass him... I had thought that since I'm a wife wanting ladies to help with this, that this would be an ok place to post. My apologies, I was not ... more
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