laura23 984
Not a genuine lady
Sun Apr 22, 2018 01:50

No ! " Miss Sofia " or "Sofia Laguna" as he calls himself is a man and lives in Romania !!!
I emailed him and he kept asking me for rude pics
He is a pervert !

  • Re: Need a spanking ASAPKellyBelly, Sat Apr 21 08:14
    Just so you know, hon, Miss Sofia is in Spain... I've already been through that with her myself
    • Not a genuine lady — laura23 984, Sun Apr 22 01:50
      • Disgusting!KellyBelly, Sun Apr 22 08:14
        What a perv! I wish we could weed those types of people out of here!
        • Spankerlaura23 984, Sun Apr 22 11:47
          I know right. I deleted him .I hate guys. I found another genuine lady on here Miss Barbara. She gave me real spanking
          • wish Miss Barbara was here! KellyBelly, Sun Apr 22 11:55
            There are just NO WOMEN in my area that are into anything but kinky sexy spanking. I found ONE person on here... we were friends for a couple of years but she kind of went a different direction than... more
            • Miss Barbaraflightless19, Tue Apr 24 02:07
              Miss Barbara is a gem! Her spankings are so thorough and genuine,she's helped me out with that a couple of times. Even though it's online,she really makes sure to send the message home.
              • selfiesKellyBelly, Tue Apr 24 08:27
                Ah. I've done self-spanking before, but for what I need right now, I really need in-person. It's not so much for discipline, but just what I call "therapy..." Letting out pent-up emotions that will... more
            • missbarbaralaura23 984, Sun Apr 22 22:50
              she is on here .this is where i found her. she gives her email address so i emailed her and she is very strict Miss barbara or maybe barbs35 i think. check older posts not so long ago Laura
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