Tue Apr 24, 2018 08:27

Ah. I've done self-spanking before, but for what I need right now, I really need in-person. It's not so much for discipline, but just what I call "therapy..." Letting out pent-up emotions that will not come out on their own. Loss of two uncles in a year that I never got to say goodbye to... a lot of health issues causing fears of never getting back to my career choice... ptsd stress... money issues in the family... that kind of thing. *sighs* There's just no female in the area around me that doesn't do kink or would even be willing to DROP the kink act. Oh well. Thanks guys.

  • Miss Barbaraflightless19, Tue Apr 24 02:07
    Miss Barbara is a gem! Her spankings are so thorough and genuine,she's helped me out with that a couple of times. Even though it's online,she really makes sure to send the message home.
    • selfies — KellyBelly, Tue Apr 24 08:27
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