Therapy Spanking in Real Life needed
Wed Apr 25, 2018 15:52

Hi. I am in Central IL. I need a woman (I don't trust men after a lot of sexual assault.) I cannot host at my home (yet... I'm looking into subsized housing) but I will somehow make on a rare basis a hotel happen. Not a fancy one... cheap... but a place for us to be and if you have to travel, to stay overnight.

I am looking for what I call a therapy spanking. I'm okay in the discipline and "fun" department. I do however have a lot of pent-up emotions from a large number of things that I just cannot get a good cleansing cry from. Nothing helps more than a good spanking. Not super hard... with this, soft-medium and longer works better unless I SAY I need more to push me over the edge.

Please provide an e-mail address for me to contact you with if you think you can help. I don't do phones right off. Sorry.

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