Been Here a while
Fri May 18, 2018 03:08

And I guess I never properly introduced myself!

I'm Ruby Lee, I've been ghosting here since forever ago and I'm... Well, I've been in need of a couple good spankings since forever ago for a number of reasons. I'm just posting now to say hi and that I'm just looking for discipline, I have sent a couple of emails, but for now I'm just going to be browsing and interjecting.

For reference, I am a switch as well, which means that I may interject when I see fit, but please don't ping me requesting spankings. I'm not comfortable giving at the moment.

**Warning**: I'm not interested in you Sofia, we know you're a man looking for nudes so beat it. This goes for any other man out there, Not interested.

    • Re: Been Here a whilesofia laguna, Sat May 19 21:30
      First of all I'm a woman ,just because I ask for a proof this do not make me a man and most of you just want to masturbate after each spanking and I had the reauest many time from you specially from... more
      • Demanding Nudes and being rudeRubyLee, Mon May 21 21:18
        Is literally the first indication you're a dude. Why would a dude come on here and want to receive a spanking? Ya'll make no sense. Anyway I'm on fetlife so anyone who wants to be a real lady and a... more
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