sofia laguna
Re: Been Here a while
Sat May 19, 2018 21:30

First of all I'm a woman ,just because I ask for a proof this do not make me a man and most of you just want to masturbate after each spanking and I had the reauest many time from you specially from the one who said that I'm a man ,I give hard discipline and ask for a proof to see if the result is the one that needs to be this do not make me a man or whatever you have in your little brain of yours ,all the online mentor etc ask for the proof ,and I always sai it at the beginning that I want a proof and most of them took the punishment and after complaints and is not normal to assume some thinks ,most of you do not even do the spanking is just a sex play for you and say " yes it was hard I cannot sit " etc ,who wants a good discipline you can contact me ,who is attackin
Me you are free to look for whatever you look for nobody force you ,and for the one that complaint about me being a man , get a life either you are a man who just masturbate here and ask for a spanking either you do not get the conce of proof or tou just want to get spank just because tou think is erotic.

Miss Sofia

  • Been Here a whileRubyLee, Fri May 18 03:08
    And I guess I never properly introduced myself! I'm Ruby Lee, I've been ghosting here since forever ago and I'm... Well, I've been in need of a couple good spankings since forever ago for a number of ... more
    • Re: Been Here a while — sofia laguna, Sat May 19 21:30
      • Demanding Nudes and being rudeRubyLee, Mon May 21 21:18
        Is literally the first indication you're a dude. Why would a dude come on here and want to receive a spanking? Ya'll make no sense. Anyway I'm on fetlife so anyone who wants to be a real lady and a... more
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