Please correct me
Mon Jun 11, 2018 11:50

Hello everyone. 35/F/Irvine, CA here... I have been really struggling this year. I have lost 2 jobs, gained 20 pounds and become a huge procrastinator. I am glad to say I have stopped pleasuring myself excessively but I haven't been eating healthy or exercising. I have also become very comfortable with fibbing and small lies which I feel very guilty about. Oh and also the cursing and disrespect is getting out of hand. My chores have often gone undone due to the procrastination. As you can see, I am in need of serious, possibly sever discipline to get me back on track. *sigh*

It has been a long time since I have had punishment assignments or anyone to be accountable to for them.

I don't have money to buy anything You include in my very needed punishment and chastisement but from my past I have the following as I have a history of being a very naughty and bad girl:
~small wooden hairbrush
~wooden spoon
~small twase
~leather slapper
~rubber spatual
~metal wire hanger
~plastic hairbrush

I will need to wait for my roommate to not be here for this but promise to carry out what You deem I deserve Ma'am. I am no stranger to time-outs, face slapping, clothes pins and other prescribed body humiliation or punishments.

Thank You,

    • Online generator Report kuriouslilbrat, Wed Jun 13 17:02
      Since I needed to deal with my bad choices and intolerable behavior I went to a website that let you set how hard of a spanking you require, a base amount of swats and what position to be in as well... more
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