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Re: These were good times, but...
Fri Nov 6, 2015 02:21

Returning here makes me so sad for the times that we no longer have. I've managed to get in touch with Sierra again, but my best attempts to find anyone else have been met with failure.

I miss you guys.

If anyone finds this, my Steam name is youarebritish.

  • These were good times, but...Bird Trainer, Mon Aug 11 21:54
    ...they were so long ago. We're the only two people still coming here to keep it alive anymore. I think it's well past high time we let the place go. Still, let's keep in touch. Steam is my preferred ... more
    • Re: These were good times, but... — Bishop, Fri Nov 6 02:21
    • Yeah...Tyler, Fri Oct 17 16:59
      I don't use Steam, but you can find me pretty much anywhere else using the name Tylinos.
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Good times