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Jennifer Lien
Sat Mar 2, 2013 01:27

After watching Voyager all the way through for the first time, I decided to search for wat the actors are currently starring in. I was disappointed to see Ms. Lien is no longer acting. Voyager at times was a real struggle to get through, especially when Neelix was on the screen. The character was over-acted and badly badly badly OMG badly written. And did I say over-acted? *sigh* And there was Ms. Lien, acting circles around Neelix, and just about everyone else in the cast. She had so much talent, and CLASSIC Hollywood starlet beauty. A stunning woman even with that ridiculous wig on. It's a shame her career took another turn, what a great loss to the art.

    • Re: Jennifer LienSai, Mon Mar 4 08:52
      Hello and welcome to the forum. It is always nice to hear from new fans. I agree that the departure of Kes was a great loss to the show, and I agree that it would have been better for Neelix (or... more
      • Me tooChris Black, Fri May 31 20:37
        When Voyager was originally on I was traveling and missed a lot of episodes and am watching the series on Amazon now. I know to an actor, no matter how famous, they hate to be known for one show but... more
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