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Re: Jennifer Lien
Mon Mar 4, 2013 08:52

Hello and welcome to the forum. It is always nice to hear from new fans. I agree that the departure of Kes was a great loss to the show, and I agree that it would have been
better for Neelix (or Harry Kim) to go.

However, family life seems to be the focus for Jennifer Lien nowadays. So as fans we forward our best wishes to her and her family for many years of happiness ahead.

  • Jennifer Lienthissalantine, Sat Mar 2 01:27
    After watching Voyager all the way through for the first time, I decided to search for wat the actors are currently starring in. I was disappointed to see Ms. Lien is no longer acting. Voyager at... more
    • Re: Jennifer Lien — Sai, Mon Mar 4 08:52
      • Me tooChris Black, Fri May 31 20:37
        When Voyager was originally on I was traveling and missed a lot of episodes and am watching the series on Amazon now. I know to an actor, no matter how famous, they hate to be known for one show but... more
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