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Eric W
Hello, fellow Kesfans
Thu Feb 27, 2014 09:24

Hi, all!

It's been a long while, since last I posted here, but, have been off the internet, due to lack of $. I have been back, but, only for the month, unless I get a reprieve from my provider, as I did a year or so ago,as the $ ARE STILL not here, but, anyway, just wanted to say hello to Sai, Lynx, and all of you, who, like me, continue to be such big, and devoted fans of Jennifer, and the wonderful STV character she breathed life into so well.

I see she cancelled the 2013 Vegas con appearance, and has from at least what I LAST saw, not signed for there this year-but, it's possible she still might, I'd imagine, so, one place to keep up other than Creation is star trek actor, as mentioned in an earlier post here.She wasn't there this am, as I just looked. Keep your eyes peeled gang, just in case.

Have a great remaining year, and hope to be around if not for longer, perhaps down the road.

Best wishes, to 'Our Favorite Ocampa', 'Our Jen', to whom I ever wish all the best,and continue to hold as my ultimate favorite female st actress-if former-and my fave on Voyager. You are indeed the best.And thank you, for giving we fans Kes, and all your past work.

-Eric W.

    • Re: Hello, fellow KesfansLynx, Fri Mar 7 12:48
      Hello! Nice to have you back here among us Kes fans. I hope that you can stick around here or at least return when you'll have your $ in order.
      • Hello, fellow KesfansEric W., Fri Mar 7 14:35
        HI, LYNX!! It's very good, to at least hear from you. Been way too long. Yes, still plugging along as a Kes fan; I've joined another st fan site, where the mems are friendly,BUT, I have seen that... more
        • re. kesfansJohn, Sat Apr 12 09:57
          Welcome back to one of the best Kes sites. Long ago I stopped looking at the site that hated Kes. It looks like they are still at it. To bad. Take care
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