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Re: Hello, fellow Kesfans
Fri Mar 7, 2014 12:48


Nice to have you back here among us Kes fans.

I hope that you can stick around here or at least return when you'll have your $ in order.

  • Hello, fellow KesfansEric W, Thu Feb 27 09:24
    Hi, all! It's been a long while, since last I posted here, but, have been off the internet, due to lack of $. I have been back, but, only for the month, unless I get a reprieve from my provider, as I ... more
    • Re: Hello, fellow Kesfans — Lynx, Fri Mar 7 12:48
      • Hello, fellow KesfansEric W., Fri Mar 7 14:35
        HI, LYNX!! It's very good, to at least hear from you. Been way too long. Yes, still plugging along as a Kes fan; I've joined another st fan site, where the mems are friendly,BUT, I have seen that... more
        • re. kesfansJohn, Sat Apr 12 09:57
          Welcome back to one of the best Kes sites. Long ago I stopped looking at the site that hated Kes. It looks like they are still at it. To bad. Take care
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