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Eric W.
Hello, fellow Kesfans
Fri Mar 7, 2014 14:35


It's very good, to at least hear from you. Been way too long. Yes, still plugging along as a Kes fan; I've joined another st fan site, where the mems are friendly,BUT, I have seen that there is one member, who most definitely has had not so nice things to say about we who admire Kes. I won't bother with details, but to merely say, that it was the most rude descriptive and generalizing comment I've encountered. However, beyond expressing my disgust to a trusted friend there in pm, I've left it alone. It's far easier, and wiser, to just keep one's head down, and focus on having fun. Anyway, that's it for now.

Oh,BTW,there is a pic of Jennifer from a con prior to 2010, when I last met her, in caee noone has seen it, on the Kes page on Facebook. Of course, this clearly isn't Jen, but a fellow fan, and I'm pleased to see Our Favorite Ocampa represented.

  • Re: Hello, fellow KesfansLynx, Fri Mar 7 12:48
    Hello! Nice to have you back here among us Kes fans. I hope that you can stick around here or at least return when you'll have your $ in order.
    • Hello, fellow Kesfans — Eric W., Fri Mar 7 14:35
      • re. kesfansJohn, Sat Apr 12 09:57
        Welcome back to one of the best Kes sites. Long ago I stopped looking at the site that hated Kes. It looks like they are still at it. To bad. Take care
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