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Watching Star Trek Voyager episodes
Fri Apr 11, 2014 06:33

Hello Everyone,

Since Star Trek Voyager came out I've watched the epiosdes over and over again to the point of saturation.
So I started to cycle my Sci-Fi (e.g. TNG, DS9, TOS, Stargate SG1, Stargate Atlantis, Farscape) watching all the seasons in one go
and now after many years I am back to Star Trek Voyager and about to start my next run of its first 3 seasons (Kes seasons).
Anyone interested in discussing episodes of Star Trek Voyager ? Let me know and we can pick an episode to watch and discuss.

Hope to hear from you soon,


    • Re: Watching Star Trek Voyager episodesLynx, Sat Apr 12 12:01
      I've been watching Voyager occasionally for many years (at least the first three seasons), doing a round with those seasons, then going for something else for a while. I rewatched all of TNG last... more
      • Re: Watching Star Trek Voyager episodesSai, Sun Apr 13 13:13
        Hello Lynx, Nice to hear from you. I would agree with your comments. Although episodes of Stargate SG1 did not give me as much of the WOW factor of Star Trek, what made me a fan was the good... more
        • Re: Watching Star Trek Voyager episodesLynx, Wed Apr 16 09:58
          In that case I start with an episode I recently rewatched: "Projections" A great episode as I see it. It don't take that long to realize that there is something wrong with The Doctor's program when... more
          • ProjectionsSai, Thu Apr 17 06:56
            "Projections" was a good episode for the Doctor with lots of plot twists and turns. Was the Doctor a real person and Voyager an illusion ? The point to this episode was the Doctor's desire to be... more
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