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Re: Watching Star Trek Voyager episodes
Sat Apr 12, 2014 12:01

I've been watching Voyager occasionally for many years (at least the first three seasons), doing a round with those seasons, then going for something else for a while.

I rewatched all of TNG last year and now I'm going through DS9, mixing it with Voyager watching from time to time. I must admit that most of the season 1-3 Voyager episodes are still enjoable to me, not only because of Kes but also for the good stories and all the great characters.

Despite some things that ruined the fun, Voyager remains a personal favorite.

I've also watched a lot of Stargate SG1 and Stargate Atlantis in recent years since they have been on constant re-runs of one of my channels for 5-6 years. I like those shows too, mostly because of the characters.

However, I never got into Stargate Universe which was a great dissapointment, sort of "Mirror Universe Voyager" where evverything is dull and boring.

It was many years since I watched "Farscape". Good show as I remember it.

  • Watching Star Trek Voyager episodesSai, Fri Apr 11 06:33
    Hello Everyone, Since Star Trek Voyager came out I've watched the epiosdes over and over again to the point of saturation. So I started to cycle my Sci-Fi (e.g. TNG, DS9, TOS, Stargate SG1, Stargate... more
    • Re: Watching Star Trek Voyager episodes — Lynx, Sat Apr 12 12:01
      • Re: Watching Star Trek Voyager episodesSai, Sun Apr 13 13:13
        Hello Lynx, Nice to hear from you. I would agree with your comments. Although episodes of Stargate SG1 did not give me as much of the WOW factor of Star Trek, what made me a fan was the good... more
        • Re: Watching Star Trek Voyager episodesLynx, Wed Apr 16 09:58
          In that case I start with an episode I recently rewatched: "Projections" A great episode as I see it. It don't take that long to realize that there is something wrong with The Doctor's program when... more
          • ProjectionsSai, Thu Apr 17 06:56
            "Projections" was a good episode for the Doctor with lots of plot twists and turns. Was the Doctor a real person and Voyager an illusion ? The point to this episode was the Doctor's desire to be... more
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