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Re: Watching Star Trek Voyager episodes
Wed Apr 16, 2014 09:58

In that case I start with an episode I recently rewatched: "Projections"

A great episode as I see it. It don't take that long to realize that there is something wrong with The Doctor's program when he all of a sudden became a living, bleeding person while the rest of the crew turns out to be holograms. But there are a lot of twists and turns before we know what caused the problems and what's really going on. All of the main characters show up in the episode at important points of the story, not to mention the fact that The Doctor imagine Kes as his wife!

I really love the twist at the end when everything seems to be in order and all of a sudden the nightmare starts again. Then finally when everything is sorted out and The Doctor says to Kes that "I'm the holographic medical program" and Kes replies "Are you so sure of that".

To be honest, when I first watched this episode, I wasn't really sure that the episode was over until the end credits started to roll.

Nice to see TNG:s Barclay too!

One of Voyager's best episodes. In my review of the episodes, I'll give it 5 points out of 5.

  • Re: Watching Star Trek Voyager episodesSai, Sun Apr 13 13:13
    Hello Lynx, Nice to hear from you. I would agree with your comments. Although episodes of Stargate SG1 did not give me as much of the WOW factor of Star Trek, what made me a fan was the good... more
    • Re: Watching Star Trek Voyager episodes — Lynx, Wed Apr 16 09:58
      • ProjectionsSai, Thu Apr 17 06:56
        "Projections" was a good episode for the Doctor with lots of plot twists and turns. Was the Doctor a real person and Voyager an illusion ? The point to this episode was the Doctor's desire to be... more
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