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Thu Apr 17, 2014 06:56

"Projections" was a good episode for the Doctor with lots
of plot twists and turns. Was the Doctor a real person and
Voyager an illusion ?

The point to this episode was the Doctor's desire to be
treated as a human rather than just a non-feeling piece of

To me, I felt that it was only Kes who treated the Doctor
as a human being and an equal from the get go and cared
about his feelings. This is probably why the Doctor imaged
Kes as his wife !

I remember watching the series finalie
many years ago when the Doctor introduced his wife. It would have been kinda nice to have had Jennifer Lien to play
that part and be included in the series finalie.

I also liked the ending tease and friendly banter from Kes
which hightlights the friendship between them.

Kes was the only characteronboard that really seemed to
care whilst everyone else was only interested in getting
back home. Kes, for me, was the heart of the series.

  • Re: Watching Star Trek Voyager episodesLynx, Wed Apr 16 09:58
    In that case I start with an episode I recently rewatched: "Projections" A great episode as I see it. It don't take that long to realize that there is something wrong with The Doctor's program when... more
    • Projections — Sai, Thu Apr 17 06:56
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