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Before & After
Tue Apr 22, 2014 09:12


Watched this again over the weekend. Loved the setup they
had for Kes's family. It would have been great to see
this develop in future seasons of Star Trek Voyager if they
chose to keep Kes.

It would have been nice to see the relationship between
Tom and Kes develop and to me Tom/Kes had better chemistry
than Neelix/Kes.

Also it would be great to see the happy couple have their
first child Linnis, who grows up following her mother
footsteps and become a Nurse.

I know many of you didn't like the loss of the Kes character ...
but I have some comfort in knowning that;
in what I call the true Kes timeline,
Kes had a full life, and at age 9
was a grandma and happily married to Tom.

All the events after 'Before & After' is an new
alternate timeline
created by Kes travelling back in
time due to side-effects of the bio-temporal chamber.

    • Before And AfterLynx, Sun May 11 04:25
      An exciting episode and excellent acting from Jennifer. As for the alternate scenario here, I'm one of those who did see a potential in a Kes-Tom relationship. The Kes-Neelix relationship was OK in... more
    • Before and AfterEric Wilson, Tue Apr 29 19:17
      Heya, Sai. I think B and A was a standout really in the overall STV episodes, but, as far as Kes and Tom, I seem to be in that minority, who liked Neelix and Kes as a couple-though, as a friend, and... more
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