Eric Wilson
Before and After
Tue Apr 29, 2014 19:17

Heya, Sai.

I think B and A was a standout really in the overall STV episodes, but, as far as Kes and Tom, I seem to be in that minority, who liked Neelix and Kes as a couple-though, as a friend, and fellow Voyager fan recently pointed out to me, she liked them together, but, it would have been better, if she had been at least two years old when they met. But, that's the way they were written. Perhaps a bit more forethought would have been advised-then again, the numerous Voyager crittics have seemed to have plenty to say about my fave series as it is.

Jessica Collins, who played Linnis, has gone on to star in the CBS soap, ''The Young and the Restless.'' Ah,if only Jen could have followed on with acting longer, but, we all wish her well in her life as it stands.

You do make a point, that at least here Kes has a full life,where we did not get to see this unfold on the series otherwise.And, we got to see her parents, particularly the father she so adored, and looked up to.And we know that the Ocampa were aware of the Kazon, so FC had been made at some point in the past between their species.

The whole birth scene in the shuttle, though, reminds me of ''Elogium,'' and in recent thought I mused, that the concept of a birth sac on an Ocampan female's back was very strange, and biologically absurd,when you think about it.I suppose the writers of that particular ep wanted to emphaasize her alien aspect, and felt it a unique hook, I guess..but,I feel that a conventional birth mode would have been better.And in keeping with her otherwise humanoid means of procreation process.Jen did as usual look FINE there, however! LOL.

  • Before & AfterSai, Tue Apr 22 09:12
    Hello, Watched this again over the weekend. Loved the setup they had for Kes's family. It would have been great to see this develop in future seasons of Star Trek Voyager if they chose to keep Kes.... more
    • Before And AfterLynx, Sun May 11 04:25
      An exciting episode and excellent acting from Jennifer. As for the alternate scenario here, I'm one of those who did see a potential in a Kes-Tom relationship. The Kes-Neelix relationship was OK in... more
    • Before and After — Eric Wilson, Tue Apr 29 19:17
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