Before And After
Sun May 11, 2014 04:25

An exciting episode and excellent acting from Jennifer. As for the alternate scenario here, I'm one of those who did see a potential in a Kes-Tom relationship. The Kes-Neelix relationship was OK in the beginning but the characters developed in different directions from day one they arrived on Voyager so the split was inevitable. I think that Neelix's over-protection and jealousy may have gotten on Kes's nerves in the long run.
Still, I would rather have stuck to the original timeline if they had got rid of the nine year lifespan which was the great flaw in the character. Such a move wouldn't have erased the possibilities for a scenario similar to the one in the alternate timeline, only in a longer perspective.

  • Before & AfterSai, Tue Apr 22 09:12
    Hello, Watched this again over the weekend. Loved the setup they had for Kes's family. It would have been great to see this develop in future seasons of Star Trek Voyager if they chose to keep Kes.... more
    • Before And After — Lynx, Sun May 11 04:25
    • Before and AfterEric Wilson, Tue Apr 29 19:17
      Heya, Sai. I think B and A was a standout really in the overall STV episodes, but, as far as Kes and Tom, I seem to be in that minority, who liked Neelix and Kes as a couple-though, as a friend, and... more
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