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Fri Nov 25, 2016 3:15pm

The election is over people. Can this sight become more of what's going on in the community like it use to be? This sight use to be fun to come to now all it is about is the election which is over and done with. Who cares now, nothing matters. Let's hear about some positive stuff going on in people's lives. This sight never use to be about bashing and making fun of people. It's not what it's for. Be the Christian people that most of you are in Potosi and grow up!

    • I agreeAnonymous, Fri Nov 25 6:53pm
      "one bad apple spoils the barrel, my Grandma used to tell us that all the time and it certainly has been true here. There are lots of good people in our area but they are like me I would rather just... more
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