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Thank You - What a change
Mon Nov 28, 2016 7:00pm

I don't know who is posting these interesting, informative posts, but keep it up, I love it. Thank God, I am so sick of all this political stupidity and banter. I wish the moderator would just start deleting this political garbage and then maybe we would get some posts on here worth reading and using.

Thank you, positive person

      • don't come to this forum thenAnonymous, Fri Dec 2 3:41pm
        we need all the mean spirited people to start their own forum and pick on each other....cutting a rank of wood, splitting, loading it is hard work give this person a break.
      • Re:Anonymous, Wed Nov 30 5:32pm
        I would rather see what people have for sale that could possibly help someone or some decent web sights to purchase stuff then all your drama about the election that is over and done with.
        • ExactlyAnonymous, Thu Dec 1 9:41am
          No one wants to hear to political BS but the people posting it. They ruin this forum.
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