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Think about your families. Wake them up.
Tue Jun 13, 2017 2:35pm

Our monetary system is going to collapse eventually or continue to be devalued.That is guaranteed.I've tried talking to relatives in my family about putting back some long term food supplies and other things.The only response was they looked like a deer in the headlights.One uncle I tried to speak with responded with "Im not worried about that crap". Thats exactly the mentality that got us to this point.I already know that these relatives will be coming to my door when these events do happen.I wont be there and neither will the things I have put back.I believe many other Americans are in a similar situation as me and have a similar plan.You cant survive without food water and shelter.Stop worrying about nice cars and fast food and put back for hard times.

    • Think about your families. Wake them upAnonymous, Sat Jun 17 9:22am
      Instead of running around "the sky is falling...the sky is falling Try this instead: use this platform to educate. Show people how to plan ahead, why they should make plans, store food and other... more
      • Re: Think about your families. Wake them upTruther, Sun Jun 18 12:09pm
        I'll be honest.I dont care about others that are too stupid to prepare.Im just warning them so I can save some bullets.
        • Good luck with that.jbeq, Sun Jun 18 5:45pm
          Preppers are their own worst enemies... Telling everybody and their brother is a great way to get an angry mob at your door. When they arrive they'll probably show you the same level compassion that... more
          • Re: Good luck with that.Truther, Sun Jun 18 11:40pm
            Lol! You or I can describe everything we may or may not have stored away anonymous all day long on here and there will be no threat.And all those things you talk about I myself have thought about for ... more
    • Re:Anonymous, Wed Jun 14 2:19pm
      Truther what are you always talking about?
      • Re:Truther, Wed Jun 14 7:31pm Collapse/SHTF is coming soon.
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