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Today is Election Day. Get out to vote. Defeat
Tue Aug 8, 2017 9:24am

Proposition 1 "Jail/Justice Center" Tax Increase.

    • Re: I voted YES!Anonymous, Wed Aug 9 12:49am These guys are liberal and disagree with you. I agree with them on this tough.
      • Re: Changes don't happen at the bottom.Truther, Wed Aug 9 1:41pm
        When the SHTF happens in this country,cops will be home with their families unless they want to work for free.Civil unrest is coming to this country.We have let too many third worlders overpopulate... more
    • RE:Anonymous, Tue Aug 8 8:26pm
      Thank you Lord! The New Jail did not pass. We do not need a tax increase.
    • I voted NOAnonymous, Tue Aug 8 5:19pm
      When you get older you will regret it.The only thing liberal I support are labor unions.That is the only thing good that comes from liberal politics.Everything else enslaves the individual.
      • You fail to notice that liberals now are extreme left.JFK was a pro gun president as was Lyndon Johnson.Now they are pink,feminist,communist sympathizers.I know its hard for you to wrap your head... more
        • Wow! All these years of brainwashing have got your way of thinking in lockstep with the system.I personally believe our nation is a one party system.Thats why you have both sides with a percentage of ... more
          • And if they vote,they usually vote democrat.I am disgusted with both parties.Democrats open the doors to every third world intruder,and republicans attack working wages and unions.We are screwed... more
          • Re: JBeqAnonymous, Wed Aug 9 12:09pm
            You can't get Social Security unless you earned it. I am not from Washington County and I get Social Security that I earned by working 40 years of my life in another State. I sell firewood to help... more
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