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Lock up your Dogs and Cats and Chain up your kids.
Wed Aug 9, 2017 2:22pm

The Carnies are back in town.

Don't let the school force you to come to the Fair to get your kids school enrollment information. It's a dirty trick to make the useless Lions Club money.

Spend your limited resources wisely. Buy the things your kids need for school rather than waste it on the Washington County Fair Money Pit.

    • Re:Anonymous, Wed Aug 9 8:10pm
      I Saw you post this last year to your just plain NUTS. I am so glad I wasn't raised around here.
    • Every year you post this!Anonymous, Wed Aug 9 5:19pm
      looks like a personal problem....the 4H kids work hard all year long on their projects and they deserve our support. Washington County raises some fine kids, we only hear about the onery ones. NOT... more
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