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No Subject
Fri Aug 11, 2017 9:26pm I see this video and think.I bet these people are all "fakes" actors for the state in North Korea,but at the same time I look at people I have grown up with and even own family.There are many of them that are just as fake.They buy new cars and houses that are way out of their budget to put on an act that they have life figured out.Even though they occupy the building they live in,and drive the oversize truck or SUV,wear expensive clothes all the time,they are only doing it to somehow in their mind impress or keep up with someone else doing the exact same thing.Meanwhile,Im driving an old vehicle to pick up something to grill,drink,looking poor,but with no debt,a surplus of cash,and no stress of worrying about the repo man stopping by. The zombies in this country will get what they deserve when the spickett turns off.

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