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Note to the Sheriff of Washington County.
Wed Sep 13, 2017 3:59pm

Note to the Sheriff of Washington County.

The ballot issue known as Proposition 1, the proposal to raise taxes to build a “Justice Center” in the industrial park was defeated by a substantial margin in the last election. Rumor has it that this issue is to be again placed on the ballot in the near future. Your plans to appoint a committee to inspect the jail and promote this issue based on the results of this inspection is a complete waste of time as is paying for another election . The previous election outcome on this issue proves the voters of this county are NOT in favor of building a new facility and/or raising taxes to pay for it.
Repair the jail and stop trying to let it deteriorate further to justify a new facility. Take the deal the Federal Government has offered to pay for a new facility in exchange for holding their prisoners.

Don’t waste your time and our money beating a dead horse.

    • Re: Note to the Sheriff of Washington County.kenboi22, Thu Sep 14 8:15pm
      Yes we need a new jail, get over it what is wrong with a new jail? i cant believe all you do is complain that we dont need a new jail. Well the other one is OLD Time to get a new one regardless what... more
      • Washington County Residents are taxed to death. The Sheriff is completely out of reason even suggesting the county build the proposed facility.
      • Re:Anonymous, Thu Sep 14 9:07pm
        HaHa! Think again Kenboi it will never happen.
    • Re: Note to the Sheriff of Washington County.Hidden Truth, Wed Sep 13 8:21pm
      For every dirt bag you lock up you get minimum of that move closer to their beloved dirt bag. How many of these people are going to contribute to our economy , Zero, more people on support playing... more
      • to be a short term facility. Few people relocate to be close to these prisoners so your argument is not really valid. If we were discussing a prison or long term facility your argument would be very... more
    • Re:Anonymous, Wed Sep 13 7:36pm
      I totally agree. Send them over to the Potosi prison move them out. Get them out of there no need to hold them for so long. Using many excuses to get a new jail is not going to get it with us paying... more
    • i agree with half your postAnonymous, Wed Sep 13 5:28pm
      Also tell them to send the federal prisoners to another county.
      • JailsTruther, Thu Sep 14 5:29am
        No matter how big you make a jail,the powers that be will do their best to keep them full.Just type in google "new jail being built" and you will see it is happening all over the country.We need to... more
        • glad to see you back jbeqTruther, Thu Sep 14 4:45pm
          The back and forth keeps it interesting.And even though we may disagree on many things,I respect your right to free speech and I hope you feel the same.
          • 21 prisons in this stateTruther, Fri Sep 15 10:56pm
            And then figure almost every town and county has a jail.Thats a lot of people in jail.Is the problem all the people,or could it be we have a leadership problem? The incarceration rate in Missouri is... more
            • would be interestingAnonymous, Sat Sep 16 9:00am
              to know what percentage of these inmates are from the inner city as opposed to country..
            • In 1980Truther, Fri Sep 15 11:07pm
              We had 5000 people in prison in the state.Now we have over 32,000. Why is that? Did everyone all of a sudden become a bunch of troublemakers?What caused this drastic increase?
              • YesAnonymous, Sat Sep 16 8:58am
                Drugs became the thing to do...parents popped kids out and did not raise them; much less teach them right from wrong. They grew up like dogs in the street ..and turn to stealing, drugs, other crimes... more
                • You are 100% correctTruther, Sat Sep 16 2:14pm
                  The war on drugs is a scam and was from the start.Who brings the opium into the united states?And why is marijuana illegal? Ive never been one to like it,but the only harm I see it doing is making... more
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