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wanted to buy wood
Mon Oct 9, 2017 7:25pm

leave phone no. an amount per rank,,,

    • Re: wanted to buy woodAnonymous, Sat Oct 14 7:37am
      40 a rank you haul 854-2349 leave message
      • Re:Anonymous, Sat Oct 14 9:12am
    • Re: wanted to buy woodAnonymous, Tue Oct 10 9:56am
      812 525 5287 50 per rick
      • Re:Anonymous, Tue Oct 10 11:23pm
        Yikes! That's steep. Lol!
        • Re:Anonymous, Sat Oct 14 10:19am
          Get up in the morning early and cut it,and then split it.And after that load it into a truck and haul it to someones house.After they pay you,put gas in your truck. Seee how much you are working for... more
          • Re:Anonymous, Sat Oct 14 6:14pm
            And you forgot to add in delivering it to rude obnoxious customers that your trying to help by delivering them the wood.
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