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Mon Nov 13, 2017 9:47am

True! We are retired and just do it on the side to help people out, were not into it real big. It's sad because the guy that did it to us was a business man in town and we thought we could trust him and he seemed very nice. We have been doing this for a few years now and never had a bad customer in this County. Times are changing and I think this is the last Winter we will be doing it. People just can't be trusted any more.

  • Wow. That's pretty messed up.jbeq, Mon Nov 13 7:22am
    I helped a guy a several years ago and we wouldn't unload it until we were paid. We always had it stacked on the truck so the picky customers could break out their tape measure and check the volume.... more
    • Re: — Anonymous, Mon Nov 13 9:47am
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