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Tax cuts mean job loss here
Sun Dec 3, 2017 12:07pm

When federal tax money stops coming to Washington county there is going to be a lot of jobs leaving unless they raise state taxes.Rob Peter to pay Paul

    • I call it Antisocialismjbeq, Sun Dec 3 8:03pm
      It's actually an interesting theory, but it'll never work. The money saved in taxes will not go towards investment, it'll be spent on stock buy-backs to boost share prices, bonuses, and personal... more
    • ExplainAnonymous, Sun Dec 3 2:01pm
      extremely are we going to lose Federal dollars in our needy County!?
      • Tax cuts mean less $ Anonymous, Sun Dec 3 2:22pm
        When taxes are cut there is less for the government to spend like on free lunches for school kids.A lot of state stuff is helped with federal taxes. Medicaid will get big hit.
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