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If I was a member of Congress
Thu Feb 8, 2018 6:49pm

I would NOT vote for a bill to fund the government that included funding for the Mexican border wall. This is NOT because I support illegal immigration but because the wall is a joke. Most people of average intelligence realizes wall will not stop anybody who wants to climb it or dig under it. Trump said “He would make the Mexicans pay for it”. The Mexican President made it clear that they would not. Now Trump is trying to hold the government funding hostage trying to extort 18-25 billion U.S. tax dollars to fulfill a ridiculously stupid campaign promise.

    • Re: If I was a member of Congress Anonymous, Tue Feb 13 1:09pm
      Many conservatives post memes on FB saying veterans before spending money on this or that but they have no problem with spending billions on a wall that won't work and will eventually be torn down.... more
    • Re: If I was a member of Congress Make America Great Again, Fri Feb 9 6:06am
      You are in the minority,nearly 80% 0f Americans want the wall built.
    • Re: If I was a member of Congress Anonymous, Thu Feb 8 7:16pm
      Does anyone ever stop and think the wall might be to keep Americans at home?Many have cashed out their retirements and moved to Mexico.Cheaper to live,healthier food,and less in your face type... more
      • Its all dudes crossing the borderAnonymous, Sat Feb 10 10:17am
        I wouldnt be against immigration if it were all good looking girls crossing the border.I would help smuggle them in.You bet I would.
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