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Fear Monger
They are turning up the heat slowly
Mon Feb 12, 2018 9:38pm

Get your house in order.Put back enough food and necessities to survive,and most importantly turn to Jesus Christ.To my Atheist friends,I understand if you dont believe.Please understand if I do.When our dollar collapses the first things you will see is funds being cut to welfare,disability,food stamps.If you are fortunate enough to get a check without working,take advantage of the time you have now to store up food that wont perish.The reason I say this is the people who depend on the government to survive will be up in arms and going crazy.The goverments response will be to liquidate them.It will be the perfect excuse.Many will fall stealing from others to feed their kids because they didnt prepare.Happy Monday everyone!

    • Re: They are turning up the heat slowlyAnonymous, Tue Feb 13 12:59pm
      Put away enough food to survive for how long? If things get that bad, we're all doomed. Most people barely have enough money to buy next weeks groceries, let alone put aside for months. It's hard for ... more
      • Cant afford food?Anonymous, Sat Feb 17 7:16pm
        But they sure can afford that new diesel dually truck.
      • gotta have the 4 g's guns groceries gold and godAnonymous, Tue Feb 13 1:39pm
        the next time u meet a prepper ask if theyve ever taken a cpr class or emergency medical response class lol be a real shame to spend years preppin for the big one and then get taken out by a chunk of ... more
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