Re: Liability
Tue Sep 4, 2018 3:03pm

I own a harley.I have insurance,plates and up to date tags on it.Problem is I dont have my motorcycle endorsement yet.With my luck the first second I hit the pavement I will get harassed.Even though atv's and side by sides hauling fat people drinking will continue.Regardless of all that America was founded as a nation of individual liberty.This whole "nation of laws" thing is a lie.If it were a nation of laws we would have so many illegals living here.So I say this,if they dont have to obey a federal and state law,why should the citizens who live here and actually pay taxes. Freedom is a good thing and we need more of it.We are about due for a second civil war.Cant wait.

  • LiabilityAnonymous, Tue Sep 4 12:24pm
    What happens if someone loses control of their toy and crashes into my fence or on my property? What happens when I come over a blind hill or around a corner and hit someone who's not supposed to be... more
    • Re: Liability — Anonymous, Tue Sep 4 3:03pm
      • Do you know what 'ignoratio elenchi' means?Anonymous, Sun Sep 9 9:30am
        It's Latin for 'irrelevant conclusion' and that's exactly what your post is. I stated that people need a valid license, a street legal vehicle, and insurance to legally operate a vehicle on the... more
        • Re: Do you know what 'ignoratio elenchi' means?Anonymous, Mon Sep 10 3:40am
          I will get mine no problem.I dont speak latin because I dont live in a third world country (yet).If people only knew how unconstitutional the license system is.I understand tags for identity and... more
          • Then do something about it.Anonymous, Mon Sep 10 3:04pm
            The first step in doing something is educating yourself to all of facts, and not just the ones that confirm our biases. For instance, Latin isn't a "third world language" It's a classical language... more
            • Re: Then do something about it.Anonymous, Sun Sep 16 10:12pm
              Most reasonable and spot on post I've read on here in year's. People who vote straight party ticket's are as much to blame as the politician's who rob us every day. You research the candidates for... more
            • Great Scott!Emmett Brown, Wed Sep 12 11:33pm
              We have bigger fish to fry in this county.There are people stealing like its nobody's business.Start watching who enters pawn shops here and in surrounding towns.I know 3 of the worst thieves in the... more
      • Have seen this post a few daysAnonymous, Fri Sep 7 3:58pm
        Still no mention of what road or area this is happening on.
        • Im still concerned more aboutBiff Tanner, Wed Sep 12 10:31am
          People stealing from other people.That stuff is getting old.We have kids strung out on heroin who sleep all day and steal at night.
          • Re:Anonymous, Wed Sep 12 10:20pm
            That was exactly my point here with this post in the first place. I guess you were the only one that caught on but, that's ok I am going to handle it on my own because I am sick of it. There is no... more
            • Re:Anonymous, Sun Sep 23 10:25pm
              Go out and confront them like a man.
              • Re:Anonymous, Mon Sep 24 1:32pm
                Are you kidding me? Go out and confront them like a man? You can't reason with these morons. Why do you think the law doesn't show up? These thieves, drug dealers they run the county.
                • Re:Anonymous, Mon Sep 24 7:45pm
                  NAME THE ROAD IT IS HAPPENING ON INSTEAD OF PUSHING FOR A COUNTY WIDE POLICY BASED ON THE ROAD YOU LIVE ON. Is that clear enough? Quit whining on here if you are too cowardly to name the road or call ... more
            • Maybe we can work together on this(overtaxed)Tax Paying Guy, Fri Sep 14 7:02am
              First,we need to know what road this is happening on.If it is mine,I will catch them.About 2 times a year I ride my 4 wheeler up the road to my neighbors house.Its about a mile.I dont go up and down... more
              • Re:Anonymous, Sat Sep 22 8:33pm
                Yup! And just like that the 4 wheeler crap stops. Isn't that amazing. You must of put a call into your brother. The community is on to you now. I hope you don't get re elected.
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