Re: Do you know what 'ignoratio elenchi' means?
Mon Sep 10, 2018 3:40am

I will get mine no problem.I dont speak latin because I dont live in a third world country (yet).If people only knew how unconstitutional the license system is.I understand tags for identity and insurance for liability.However,I do not believe in renewal evey year,paying a tax to travel on a machine I already paid taxes on when I purchased.We already pay taxes on the roads every year and have already paid taxes on vehicles when we bought them.We are overtaxed with too much paperwork and beaurocracy.Democrats sure like making laws,fees,penalties,and crimes out of every day life.We need to roll back all this orwellian system and really live free.

  • Do you know what 'ignoratio elenchi' means?Anonymous, Sun Sep 9 9:30am
    It's Latin for 'irrelevant conclusion' and that's exactly what your post is. I stated that people need a valid license, a street legal vehicle, and insurance to legally operate a vehicle on the... more
    • Re: Do you know what 'ignoratio elenchi' means? — Anonymous, Mon Sep 10 3:40am
      • Then do something about it.Anonymous, Mon Sep 10 3:04pm
        The first step in doing something is educating yourself to all of facts, and not just the ones that confirm our biases. For instance, Latin isn't a "third world language" It's a classical language... more
        • Re: Then do something about it.Anonymous, Sun Sep 16 10:12pm
          Most reasonable and spot on post I've read on here in year's. People who vote straight party ticket's are as much to blame as the politician's who rob us every day. You research the candidates for... more
        • Great Scott!Emmett Brown, Wed Sep 12 11:33pm
          We have bigger fish to fry in this county.There are people stealing like its nobody's business.Start watching who enters pawn shops here and in surrounding towns.I know 3 of the worst thieves in the... more
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