Then do something about it.
Mon Sep 10, 2018 3:04pm

The first step in doing something is educating yourself to all of facts, and not just the ones that confirm our biases.

For instance, Latin isn't a "third world language" It's a classical language spoken by much of Ancient Rome that survives today in many modern languages, including English. Even though English is primarily Germanic a large portion of our vocabulary is borrowed from French which is derived from Vulgar Latin. The concept of "Latin America" didn't come about until centuries later.

Another thing we need to do is stop blaming the Democrats for everything because they are just one side of the coin. You and I both know that the Republicans, and every other major political faction in this country for that matter, are responsible for our screwed up laws, either directly or indirectly when it suits their need. A great example are the "tax reforms" that Trump and the GOP passed earlier this year that did nothing to simplify the tax code as they had promised. The Democrats need to take a good, hard look at themselves as well because their party is just as guilty.

The Republican party and Democratic party don't care about you or I. They care about keeping themselves in power so they can siphon money directly from our pockets.

This is what happens when we have a multi-tiered tax system and fill our government with people in the highest brackets to lead us. They don't care about the fees because they have more money than they could spend in a multiple lifetimes. They also don't care about the bureaucracy because they have lawyers that take care of that for them.

I know I come off as a jerk sometimes on here, but I'm not. I'm also not trying to sell you anything, generate ad revenue, or increase my ratings. The writing is on the wall and if we're going to change things we have to quit fighting each other and start fighting the people who are really responsible.

  • Re: Do you know what 'ignoratio elenchi' means?Anonymous, Mon Sep 10 3:40am
    I will get mine no problem.I dont speak latin because I dont live in a third world country (yet).If people only knew how unconstitutional the license system is.I understand tags for identity and... more
    • Then do something about it. — Anonymous, Mon Sep 10 3:04pm
      • Re: Then do something about it.Anonymous, Sun Sep 16 10:12pm
        Most reasonable and spot on post I've read on here in year's. People who vote straight party ticket's are as much to blame as the politician's who rob us every day. You research the candidates for... more
      • Great Scott!Emmett Brown, Wed Sep 12 11:33pm
        We have bigger fish to fry in this county.There are people stealing like its nobody's business.Start watching who enters pawn shops here and in surrounding towns.I know 3 of the worst thieves in the... more
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