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Biff Tanner
Im still concerned more about
Wed Sep 12, 2018 10:31am

People stealing from other people.That stuff is getting old.We have kids strung out on heroin who sleep all day and steal at night.

  • Have seen this post a few daysAnonymous, Fri Sep 7 3:58pm
    Still no mention of what road or area this is happening on.
    • Im still concerned more about — Biff Tanner, Wed Sep 12 10:31am
      • Re:Anonymous, Wed Sep 12 10:20pm
        That was exactly my point here with this post in the first place. I guess you were the only one that caught on but, that's ok I am going to handle it on my own because I am sick of it. There is no... more
        • Maybe we can work together on this(overtaxed)Tax Paying Guy, Fri Sep 14 7:02am
          First,we need to know what road this is happening on.If it is mine,I will catch them.About 2 times a year I ride my 4 wheeler up the road to my neighbors house.Its about a mile.I dont go up and down... more
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