(overtaxed)Tax Paying Guy
Maybe we can work together on this
Fri Sep 14, 2018 7:02am

First,we need to know what road this is happening on.If it is mine,I will catch them.About 2 times a year I ride my 4 wheeler up the road to my neighbors house.Its about a mile.I dont go up and down the road at night or anything,but at the same time Im not going to spend a half hour dragging ramps and a trailer out to go a mile up the road that 10 people live on.My point is,if we have our deputies focused on 4 wheelers,I the good citizen who pays lots of taxes will probably get a ticket the one time I touch the pavement.Thats why it is essential that you just tell us what road this is happening on so we can solve your problem and not punish the many for the actions of a few.I am on your side.Lets get the late night no headlight riding up to no good druggy thieves.

  • Re:Anonymous, Wed Sep 12 10:20pm
    That was exactly my point here with this post in the first place. I guess you were the only one that caught on but, that's ok I am going to handle it on my own because I am sick of it. There is no... more
    • Re:Anonymous, Sun Sep 23 10:25pm
      Go out and confront them like a man.
      • Re:Anonymous, Mon Sep 24 1:32pm
        Are you kidding me? Go out and confront them like a man? You can't reason with these morons. Why do you think the law doesn't show up? These thieves, drug dealers they run the county.
        • Re:Anonymous, Mon Sep 24 7:45pm
          NAME THE ROAD IT IS HAPPENING ON INSTEAD OF PUSHING FOR A COUNTY WIDE POLICY BASED ON THE ROAD YOU LIVE ON. Is that clear enough? Quit whining on here if you are too cowardly to name the road or call ... more
    • Maybe we can work together on this — (overtaxed)Tax Paying Guy, Fri Sep 14 7:02am
      • Re:Anonymous, Sat Sep 22 8:33pm
        Yup! And just like that the 4 wheeler crap stops. Isn't that amazing. You must of put a call into your brother. The community is on to you now. I hope you don't get re elected.
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