Re: Then do something about it.
Sun Sep 16, 2018 10:12pm

Most reasonable and spot on post I've read on here in year's. People who vote straight party ticket's are as much to blame as the politician's who rob us every day. You research the candidates for the purpose of choosing a candidate who most represent's you're belief's as much as possible. Lazy voter's who don't bother to research the candidates their choosing are being herded like sheep by manipulating politician's who keep getting richer off the working class american's time and labor.

  • Then do something about it.Anonymous, Mon Sep 10 3:04pm
    The first step in doing something is educating yourself to all of facts, and not just the ones that confirm our biases. For instance, Latin isn't a "third world language" It's a classical language... more
    • Re: Then do something about it. — Anonymous, Sun Sep 16 10:12pm
    • Great Scott!Emmett Brown, Wed Sep 12 11:33pm
      We have bigger fish to fry in this county.There are people stealing like its nobody's business.Start watching who enters pawn shops here and in surrounding towns.I know 3 of the worst thieves in the... more
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