just asking
Sun Nov 4, 2018 7:52am

wondering what everyone thinks about voting on marijuana law. seems law spent decades putting citizens in jail over it, now they want to get on the cash train it produces. ill be voting no, we have plenty impaired drivers now

    • I support legalization.Anonymous, Sun Nov 4 1:48pm
      The government has been exploiting "the cash train" for decades by prosecuting people over marijuana. Criminalization also create to black markets controlled by violent criminals, just like what... more
    • No I am not a user! Marijuana is an effective treatment. People who need it will buy it illegally if they have too. The State might as well make it legal, tax it and control the potency of it.... more
      • I will vote for itAnonymous, Sun Nov 4 5:40pm
        Why not
        • Re: I will vote for itAnonymous, Sun Nov 4 9:57pm
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