Tue Nov 6, 2018 9:55am

CHECK OUT STLTODAY.COM Mal Gum plead guilty to stealing $95,000 from the folks in Washington County and the Judge could not believe that he was still a police officer for the City of Potosi, says alot about who is running our town. They should absolutely fire him and anybody who assisted in making our little town look like a fool for leaving him on the force when he was indicted in Federal Court for stealing should be fired also. What a shame. Someone needs to stand up for the folks in the City of Potosi and do the right thing for us instead of the good old boy systems. Now you know he is facing up to 18 months incarceration fire him and his son. His son stated he would resign if his dad was convicted, well he should do what he says and quit and lets get somebody in there who will make our city a proud place to live. Time to put all this stuff to rest and get the Gum's out. FIRE MAL GUM TODAY - LONG AWAITED.

    • Re: GUILTY PLEA - MAL GUManon, Tue Nov 6 7:13pm
      you guys are all crybabys. first off the city laid him off when he was charged. they also have to be careful so as not to get sued for jumping the gun on any action taken. plus they follow what the... more
    • Re: GUILTY PLEA - MAL GUMAnonymous, Tue Nov 6 12:46pm
      Now it up to our Mayor to make the right decision and fire both of them or he may cause problems in the next election as we the people will remember what he did with this mess. Make the right... more
    • Blame The Aldermenanonymous, Tue Nov 6 10:58am
      They all need replaced & Maybe Mike Gum can get a Job With Daddy At The Sawmill. Didn't Know he was leaving if Daddy was Convicted So, don't let the Door hit you on the way out.
      • Lower taxes Anonymous, Tue Nov 6 3:52pm
        Potosi police needs done away with hire more county police to take over their job.NO OTHER TOWN IN WASHINGTON COUNTY HAS THEIR OWN POLICE FORCE.
        • ReAnonymous, Tue Nov 6 8:33pm
          HaHa! This is all a joke all your comments. You all reap what you sow. County is worse than City you wouldn't even believe. And I doubt Mike will step down he was throwing his crap around again he... more
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