Looks like
Wed Nov 7, 2018 6:26am

Barry Brown, Ron Britton and Tyler Julliet bought themselves a State Representative. Got to protect that Old Mines Drug Trade.

    • Re: Looks likebud brickey, Thu Nov 8 10:39pm
      really!!!!!! if you are that jealous of someone working and being sucessful get off your welfare ass and get with it
    • You guys thatAnonymous, Wed Nov 7 10:07am
      is always bashing Washington should move to another county.
      • Basically anyone who employs people is bad.Anonymous, Wed Nov 7 1:48pm
        That makes perfect sense around here and answers your question. They stay because they can't afford to leave and they are completely uninterested in working to build and achieve anything.
        • Anybody who employs people and don'tAnonymous, Tue Nov 27 9:21pm
          pay them a livable wage is bad. I would put Barry Brown, Bob Purcell and Tyler Juliet all in that category.
        • Life is shortAnonymous, Wed Nov 7 5:20pm
          Have fun and treat others like you want to be treated.Average lifespan is around 60 something.Use it wisely. I dont want to work the whole time.
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