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Trump's post-election news conference was a dumpster fire.
Wed Nov 7, 2018 7:12pm

I never thought I'd live to see the POTUS openly attack the press like that.

When he took the oath he swore to uphold the Constitution, but he seems determined to undermind the First Amendment when the press doesn't shower him with praise. He doesn't have to agree with CNN or like them, but the fact that he's personally attacking and insulting their reporters is disturbing.

If nothing else they're still citizens and I don't like the fact that our leader is basically telling them they'd be first against the wall.

    • McCaskillAnonymous, Mon Nov 12 4:24pm
      McCaskill is blaming her resounding election loss on FOX NEWS. Did she forget about all of the corruption she was involved in. Like her airplane scam and her husbands looting the taxpayers of... more
    • Get over it.Anonymous, Thu Nov 8 7:07pm
      He has every right to fire back. CNN deserves the criticism. They do everything they can to put the president down. Sure, I agree, he can be harsh at times. But the press. . . mostly CNN just loves... more
      • Oh brother...Anonymous, Sat Nov 10 9:51am
        Up until November of '16 it was "the Constitution", "screw the federal government", and "don't tread on me", but now everyone is supposed to just shut up and believe in Uncle Donnie, who can be "a... more
        • Unfortunately for them this is still America despite what they and Trump would like to see. We barely still have the right to speak our mind MOST of the time.The Republicans lead by Trump their ôLiar ... more
        • I agree totally unfit, Delusional and SociopathicAnonymous, Sat Nov 10 1:38pm
          more accurately identify Trump's afflictions.
          • I don't think he's any of those things.Anonymous, Sat Nov 10 4:32pm
            He's just a billionaire who's had it his way his entire life. It has always been his name on the door and he has always had the last word. Now that he's actually being held accountable and having his ... more
            • Re: I don't think he's any of those things.Anonymous, Sat Nov 10 7:38pm
              That pales in comparison to obamas golfing excursions and vacations.Pres. Trump is not getting paid to govern,he donates salary to charity!
            • I only differ with you on his mental state.Anonymous, Sat Nov 10 5:38pm
              Many things he has done is entirely too erratic for a sane person. On all other thing you mentioned I completely agree.
              • Who remembers 2008 thru 2016?Open your mind, Sun Nov 11 12:21am
                I remember jobs slipping away,gas prices hitting over $4 a gallon,and mexican illegals "doing jobs Americans wont do".Every year I noticed more products saying "made in china". And the jobs we had... more
                • Re: Who remembers 2008 thru 2016?Anonymous, Sun Nov 11 9:06am
                  You are 100% correct. We endured 8 years of the worst Pres. in American history with barrack obama. It wasn't that he was stupid, he intentionally implemented policy's that would harm the... more
                  • We still have Obamacare?Anonymous, Mon Nov 12 8:58am
                    The *worst* piece of legislation ever passed and it's still the law of the land despite 7 years of GOP scrutiny and promises to repeal/replace, but go ahead and keep ignoring that fact so it doesn't... more
      • Re: Get over it.Anonymous, Fri Nov 9 6:06am
        CNN is FAKE News!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        • People have priorities backwardAnonymous, Mon Nov 12 10:47pm
          #1 Close the border,eliminate muslim immigration. #2 bring companies back to the states or ban the sale of their products here. #3 Round up non citizens and ship them home.#4 Back our money with gold ... more
          • Oh I forgot.Anonymous, Tue Nov 13 8:19am
            Give exstensive healthcare screeningg to those under 35 recieving "disability" benefits.And start rewarding those who have put their time in with better unemployment benefits.More money and longer... more
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